Ask a Tax Accountant! TAX RETURN HOME DELIVERY - Japan

Complete your tax return by "Just sending."

You probably wonder what deductions you can claim or what documents you need to prepare when you file a tax return.

Eliminate the worry and trouble!
Leave it up to "Tax Return Home Delivery"
Just place your documents into the tax return kit and send it.
A tax accountant will file your tax return after consultation and final determination.


  • Tax Return for SALARY INCOME etc. Persons who are entitled to a refund, for example, because their medical expenses exceeded ¥100,000. Persons who received salaries from two or more sources of income. Persons who received salary income of ¥20 million or more.
  • Tax Return for PERSONAL BUSINESS. Persons who, as a sole proprietor, engaged in any business & industry, profession, agriculture or web-based business.
  • Tax Return for HOUSE & LAND RENT. Persons or a landlord who leased an apartment(s), condo(s), house(s) or parking lot land.
  • Tax Return for CAPITAL GAINS from SALE OF REAL ESTATE, STOCK etc. Persons who sold land, building(s) or other real estate property, or stock etc.
  • Tax Return for INHERITANCE & GIFT. Persons who inherited property from a deceased family member or persons who intend to make preparations to leave property for family members before death.

Note 1) Also, please consult us in the case of persons who received such other income as Interest, Dividends, Public pension, Retirement and/or Temporary income, etc.
Note 2) We generally use e-Tax for fillig Tax Returns, and the A4 postage envelope for the purpose of correspondence (Shinsho) or letter.